How Maddox got cat lovers
purring by treating every day like
a Sunday.


People engaged and encouraged to feel as pampered as a Whiskas cat.


Samples were distributed during the Whiskas campaign.


People were reached from all the PR coverage generated.

Campaign: To drive buzz and brand love, Maddox created the Whiskas 'A Cat Would' experience, encouraging cat lovers to live more like their feline friends.

Location: Bristol and London

The Task. Our brief from the client...

Maddox were briefed to help Whiskas demonstrate they are a modern, social brand that cares deeply about cats.


Our Idea. The campaign we delivered...

Comfy branded deck chairs let people seek out a sunny spot, relax and have a nap.

Claim the cream: tubs of delicious vanilla ice-cream were handed out from a vintage ice-cream bike.

Stretch and relax: We laid on free yoga classes with branded yoga mats as giveaways.

Samples of Whiskas Oh-So, Whiskas Tempations and promotional leaflets were distributed at both locations - Bristol Harbour Festival and Battersea Park, London.