Maddox's insight focused on the 'driving' occasion to clearly demonstrate product functionality.


Car enthusiasts engaged with the brand.


Fans entered the driving day competition during the festival.


Ray-Ban frame code cards were handed out to help drive purchase.

Campaign: Festival of Speed

Location: Goodwood

"Maddox clearly demonstrated the product functionality of anti-glare lenses using a clever mechanic that engaged and educated motor enthusiasts."

The Task. Our brief from the client...

Ray-Ban briefed us to demonstrate the unique benefits of their Polarized lenses (anti-glare) and Tech range (strong, flexible carbon fibre frames) to car enthusiasts.

Our Idea. The campaign we delivered...

Maddox created a giant branded inflatable canopy as a hub for the activity at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

An impressive Scalextric racing track lay inside, with powerful beams of light creating glare, allowing the public to instantly see Ray-Bans' anti-glare properties for themselves as they raced their cars in testing conditions.

Interactive Ray-Ban units demonstrated the clarity of vision that polarized lenses bring. Maddox ran a Ray-Ban competition to win a Supercar driving day at the Goodwood racetrack. 

An accompanying competition card let entrants keep a note of their favourite Ray-Ban sunglasses to take to their local store when they went to purchase.