Maddox helps support Pepsi Max's sponsorship of the NFL

Our brief from the client…

To support Pepsi Max’s sponsorship of the NFL, communicate the Pepsi Max ’Maximum Taste No Sugar’ message, to distribute 100,000 small cans over 4 x NFL events

Our Idea...

NFL hosted football games and tail-gating events in the UK where they took over Regents Street and held games at Wembley and Twickenham Stadiums

Maddox helped to support the Pepsi Max sponsorship of the NFL London based events by recruiting, training and managing a 25 strong event activation team across the 4 x NFL events. Amateur American footballer players from London teams were recruited by Maddox to undertake the consumer engagement element of the activity that involved being dressed like an NFL player and encouraging consumers to jump up and high five the giant branded foam hands. At each event a chilled 250ml sized sample can of Pepsi Max was handed out to NFL enthusiasts. Maddox managed the chilled logistics at each event ensuring each sample can was served at the optimum chilled temperature

The Results...

100,000 consumers experienced a perfectly chilled Pepsi Max sample can 

862,000 consumers attended the 4 x NFL events and were exposed to Pepsi Max brand messages

Consumer engagement brand ambassadors created theatre via high fiving with the giant foam hands