How our blind taste test opened Mum's eyes to the taste of Kinder Choco-Bons.


Choco-Bons blind taste challenge samples distributed.


Live days the blind taste challenges ran for.

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Campaign: The Blind Taste Test

Location: Nationwide

"Kinder Choco-Bons is a new brand to join the Kinder stable. Targeted at the 'family sharing' market, Maddox were tasked with creating a campaign that would get mums to experience how great Kinder Choco-Bon's taste."

The Task. Our brief from the client...

We needed to show Mums that Kinder Choco-Bons were so tasty that they should consider purchasing sharing bags for their families.

Our challenge was to reach as many of our target mums as possible throughout the UK with taste at the core of the communication.

Our Idea. The campaign we delivered...

The insight was drawn from the Dans Le Noir Restaurant where diners rely on their sense of taste while eating in darkness.

Using this principle we created a mechanic involving 'taste challenge booths' where Mums were blindfolded and wore noise cancelling headphones, encouraging them to experience the full taste sensation of Kinder Choco-Bons. 

We asked each Mum how they would describe the taste to win a sharing bag for her family.

Due to the success of this activity Kinder used campaign footage as the source for their TV advertising for the following year.

A nationwide experiential roadshow targeted key shopping centres, city centres and events.